Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Self-Waxing (Warning: TMI)


If it's a brazilian.

Holy crap! What was I thinking?

I used to get a full brazilian wax every 4 weeks. Rarely any issues when my normal girl was the one taking care of me. For whatever insane reason I used to find getting waxed soothing. So, for the past year or so I was in the stage of getting laser hair removal. Having some good treatments and some not great, I've been left with just a little bit of business needing to be taken care of. I don't HAVE to shave any more, so I wanted to jump back into waxing.

Not wanting to pay $50-70 for a session when I have barely anything there, I decided to research at-home alternatives. I bought the Gigi brazilian waxing kit after much research. The first day I got it, I wasn't ready to use it yet. I tested on my arms. Meh. I figured it was the wrong wax, so wasn't that impressed nor really disappointed.

So, I was home alone Sunday morning, watching season 1 of Teen Mom and decided to go for it. I soon discovered I really needed some sort of mirror to see where I was applying the wax. I basically was causing myself unnecessary effort by applying wax to areas that were bare. UGH! Using the mirror, I located the hairs, but oh God! I used the muslin strips people had suggested on reviews, even though the soft wax doesn't require it. The whole ordeal reminded me of a session I had with a girl who tugged out hair-by-hair, I kept yelling obscenities. This was the only time I'd ever had a bad waxing.

Anywho, back to Sunday morning. The pain was so torturous by the time I got to a very sensitive area, I could literally not inflict any more pain upon myself. I doused myself in "Wax Off" to try and loosen the wax. It truly just made my skin all greasy feeling. I had to be super careful and CUT wax off.

I sat in a warm bath then shaved.

I hate shaving. What's a girl to do?


  1. Oh man. I tried the at home waxing thing ONCE before. I figured, how bad could it be & I was tough enough to take a small amount of pain for the convenience & savings of doing it at home. NOPE! Worst night of my life! Of course I put on a ton of wax, then when it was time to take it off I couldn't bear it! I was stuck! All that wax - what to do!?! such misery. I will never ever do it again and would not recommend it to anyone!

  2. AMEN! I have no idea how all these girls write reviews how amazing at home waxing is... I wonder if they just do their bikini line and nothing else? AHH the terrible memories!!!!