Saturday, March 31, 2012

Books. Omg, books.


I've been very reading lazy lately. I think for half of March! I downloaded a book 2 weeks ago. I read... A page? I'm listening to an audio book. Well, I started listening, but outside noise prevented me from making to chapter 3.

Last but not least, I still haven't gotten past Catherine of Aragon in the mini textbook of Henry 8ths baby mammas.

My weekend will have a good bit of time dedicated to reading. I may be getting dumberz.


Friday, March 30, 2012


If it gets to the $billions do they just keep going???

I hope one of my friends wins! ;)


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still feeling crappy *TMI*

Last night I went to bed feeling extremely queasy, hoping I'd sleep it off. In the morning I had an unpleasant bathroom experience. I felt the bubble guts ALL DAY, but luckily didn't have to deal with any action, so to speak. Ha. Lying in bed after work, the horrible nausea comes back! Great. Bryce joined me to cuddle and decompress... UUuuuuggghhh... I felt so terrible even my PIMPLE was causing me pain. Haha. As expected, VOMIT. Goodbye, sandwich.

It smelled like ponzu sauce.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm feeling sick, but said I'd blog once a day for a month.

Snoop bloggy blog.

Watching season 1 of Amazing Race again this evening... :)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games Collection

My Hunger Games nailpolish came in today! They're cute!

Luxe and Lush, Fast Track

Smoke and Ashes, Riveting

I'm excited to try these out!

I'm watching season 1 of The Amazing Race... wow! Haha. How technology and accents have changed!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Lazy Monday

I joked yesterday that I wasn't going to get out of bed all day. I pretty much upheld that joke.

I slept... I watched some YouTube, Jerseylicious, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Celebrity Apprentice and now I'm watching The Amazing Race. And I ate.

I'd love to be on The Amazing Race.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tomato Basil Shrimp

I made some tomato basil kebabs for Andrea's new (free!) grill. I was really worried that it was going to taste gross because I used tomato paste instead of tomato sauce.

I didn't really measure any ingredients. I just used olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, cayenne pepper, garlic, tomato paste and chopped basil.  The smell of tomato paste and and cayenne pepper was so pungent in my apartment I was worried the shrimp would taste too tomatoey.

I didn't get a picture after they were grilled, but they did turn out okay! Maybe I won't start measuring ingredients... yet!


Finally! Saw The Hunger Games

After obsessive anticipation, I finally got to see The Hunger Games last night at 7pm! I loved it!

The movie was nearly 2 and a half hours, but did feel like only an hour. I felt like all the pieces of the book happened so quickly. I feel like they did as much as they could in the time they had to tell the story. It didn't feel like they delved deep into any points from the book. I almost wish it could have been a two-part movie, but oh well.

The acting was IMPECCABLE! I admit, I wasn't thrilled to hear the casting when the actors were first announced, but I was shown I was wrong. The camera work was great, too. I felt the sense of urgency and anxiety at many parts inside the game.

I honestly am glad I knew the entire story from reading the book, because I definitely understood how important and meaningful certain things were that they didn't dive deeper into.  I think if I were someone who hadn't read the books, I would have wondered why people were sososo into the trilogy.

I think Catching Fire is going to be great! I hope it will explain the Districts and the Capitol relation a lot better. I cannot wait! :)


PS I cried! SPOILER ALERT (for those that didn't read the book): I cried when Katniss volunteered for Prim. I cried when Roo died. I cried when District 11 rebelled.

PPS "I feel..." "I felt..." "I feel..." "I feel..." Haha.

Friday, March 23, 2012

19 hours to go...

I'm excited for Hunger Games at 7pm!

Not much to talk about... I changed my polish to have a slight Hunger Games feel. They're still drying, but I'll describe! Bright orange (Essie) with olive-gold tips. And ring fingers are orange with glittery green-blue tips. The orange is for Katniss's outfits and description before and after the annual hunger game (even though red would have been more fitting). The dark olive-gold is for district 12 being the coal mining district. And the blue glitter is "flame" for her public persona.

Haha. Dork.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Butter London polish

I am in love with these Butter London nail polishes! I was told by Rosi (go visit and buy stuff from her at Fixed Gear!) that Butter London polishes were good. I'd been seeing them around, but just never tried them out. WELL! I was scheduling an appointment with our new friends at Cameo ( Dr. Roth  ), I spotted Butter London in their cosmetics area. I opted to try out a soft pink. THRILLED! The application feels like butter. Super smooth!  When I went in for a quick appointment, I grabbed three more polishes. 25% off retail from our friends is generous and outright awesome. :) If anyone cares, Butter London is 3-Free AKA non-toxic.

Pink Ribbon (feminine, soft pink)

Henley Regatta (green-blue glitter), Jaffa (bright orange), Wallis (metallic olive-gold)

I'll have to report back after I've tried all the colors! I also did purchase 4 of the Hunger Games collection by China Glaze...   ........................... Seriously. No more polish until the end of JUNE, unless it's from my monthly Julep Maven box.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Julep Maven Boxes

Since January I have been enrolled to get Julep Maven boxes. They're a monthly beauty box with mani and pedi goodies. You get a $40 (+)  value for $19.99. The box you get depends on your profiled style. I am the "It Girl" and it tends to send three full-sized bottles of nailpolish, which is a $42 value. Sometimes there will be extra goodies added. I just love these boxes! I get Birchbox and so far I've been kind of disappointed...

Julep nailpolish is 3-Free (safe for your precious fingers). They always have new colors introduced, which is great. The quality is pretty good. I definitely make sure to have a good top coat (Seche Vite). Lately I've noticed some chipping toward the end of my week, which isn't normal for me. I think it's because my nails are dry. Anyone?

For St. Patrick's Day they offered a mystery box, so I couldn't resist!

In the box I got: four milk chocolate coins, awesome emery board, glycolic hand scrub, hand brightener, a basecoat, Rachel (coppery shimmer hint of brown), Sofia (spring green with aqua glitter) and Charlotte (lavender).


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Over Convey

Last year I was excited and happy to support a new restaurant in Houston called Convey. It's a sushi joint that has sushi delivered on a conveyor belt. The owner was nice and wanted to preserve authentic Japanese dishes on his menu. After several visits I became to realize a lack of prompt service wasn't just because they were a new restaurant. A waitress had a visible crappy attitude every visit, one was too shy to even talk to guests, and the sweet one worthy of a 50% tip each time seemed to have disappeared after the first few months. The quality was great. Fresh fish. Really clean tasting specialty rolls.

Even though it took them ages to get their liquor license they supplemented by offering complimentary sake.

My last two visits made me think there might be a new owner since it was staff I didn't recognize. The second to last left me feeling like this may be a positive thing. My food arrived fairly quickly, the sushi chef was in a great mood which felt addictive.  Our waiter was on point, engaging and extremely friendly.

Last visit were the same staff, and ugh... First, there was NO ONE in the restaurant, so I went to sit at the beginning of the conveyor belt, but they asked me to sit somewhere else because they were expecting someone. Well, fine. This didn't bother me at first. Only after realizing that this person they were expecting didn't even like sushi much did I get slightly annoyed. They were out of squid. Out of shrimp. Out of egg omelet. And they served me dead clams in my miso soup. UGH! The service was ridiculously slow, which I cannot begin to understand as Bryce and I were the first patrons. The "person" and his date were the only others in the restaurant during that evening.

I'm mostly disappointed  because I was so excited to see this place take off. The owner was really cool and I feel nostalgic toward the concept. The food quality was magnifique! I used to recommend the place to everyone and gush about loving in. Now, not so much.

I won't be returning on my own. :/


Monday, March 19, 2012

It's been over a month...

DAMN! I've not blogged in over a month!

I've been trying out this new thing for a little more than a week. It may seem simple, but I'm appreciating life. I was outside returning from transporting my laundry to the laundry room and decided to enjoy the rain. Normally I'd dread being outside in the rain, but instead I chose to jump into each puddle on my return to my apartment. Simply paying attention to my surroundings, taking a moment to take a deep breath... it all has felt nice.

I've been catching up on Gossip Girl. It's seriously my guilty pleasure! I'm all caught up on Breaking Bad. Season 4 was A-MAZING!

I've spent my first nights away from Bryce in nearly years! I was in Dallas for a 3-day Bumble and bumble business immersion class. Learned many great tools. Missed my boyfriend. It was nice returning home. To my boys.

I got my tickets for Summer Fest! Snoop Dogg!

Bryce is invading my space now... I shall sign off!