Monday, July 16, 2012

Health Journey: Month Three

Last month I posted that my goal for July 17th was to be down 21lbs, total. Who was down 21 lbs on that date? THIS GIRL!

In the last two weeks I lost 7 of those 9 lbs. In the last two weeks I have really upped my gym time. Last week I spent 10 hours at the gym total. I'm going to try and keep up that work... I need to figure out my workout schedule a little better so I'm not doing 3 hours of cardio in one day... Gah.

Am I crazy to set my next goal to be 31lbs down by August 14th? Maybe so. I'll put out 29lbs or 31lbs out there.

I'm feeling really good about my progress. After my training session today my trainer asked if I wanted to take a spin class with her. HOLY CRAP! I lasted... and I use the word "lasted" very loosely, for 20 minutes! Boo. Haha. No thank you. I felt like my quads were bulking insanely.

I have a new rule for drinking out at restaurants... Keep it limited to 2 drinks and cut back on the food during that meal if I'm drinking. Last night for Tristan's birthday dinner approximately 5 glasses of different varieties of wine exceeded 700cals! I was pretty horrified when I was entering my dinner in myfitnesspal. After having worked out for THREE hours at the gym, my damn dinner of sushi and wine made me feel like my progress was spoiled. BUT... myfitnesspal said I could technically consume 1,800 more calories.

ANYWAY! I would love to go for a month of not eating bad at all. Month three had 4 bad days. Let's see! August 14th, I'm coming for you!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Little Haul...

I treated myself to some beauty shopping the other day since I feel like I haven't splurged in awhile.

First stop was Lush! I got a foot mask that the sales girl just sold to me. It smells like a yummy cinnamon and papaya. Will try soon. I got the Eau Roma Water - my favorite toner! And my new favorite shower gel The Olive Branch. I would like every product in life to smell like this shower gel, ha.

My next stop was at Sephora. Needed a new powder brush. A couple face primers. I've been using Benefit's The Porefessional. I like it, but I'm interested in seeing if I like Smashbox's better or not. I also grabbed a Nars Laguna bronzer since I'm nearly out. A very good bronzer for fairer-skinned folks like myself.

I got this little kit from Benefit with some nice goodies. $38 for an $86 value, yes please! I've been enjoying the Stay Don't Stray primer. I didn't like Eye Bright years ago when I tried it, but I've actually taken a liking to it! I like to use it on my inner corner then pat a little bit of Urban Decay's Virgin on top. High Beam is a nice highlight. And Bella Bamba blush is gorgeous!

Thaaat's about it.