Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Quick review! Got the strips in Misbehaved which is a fishnet stockings pattern. Theyre real nailpolish.

They look super cool. I've received many compliments. And that's about where my raves end.

The application is tedious and takes eight times longer than me applying 2 coats and a top coat. Yes, eight. The sides of the polish don't stick nicely to your nail so get caught in hair easily. Even with a top coat. This one manicure set cost me about $7. I could get a bottle of nail polish for about the same.

I'm tempted to peel these off! They look amazing, but for a crazy girl like me I am itching to peel them off!

Have to finish packing for California!



Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Review: Loose Girl

By Kerry Cohen. Eh... It was alright. I finished it in a matter of 5 days. This is Cohen's memoir of promiscuity. It wasn't amazing, but not totally terrible. It was sad little rich girl growing up thinking her parents don't love her enough. Zzzz… there wasn't anything that really sucked you in. Nothing incredibly shocking.

There was one part where Cohen describes a memory of her mother groping her older sister's breasts while watching television, letting that daughter know that feeling her breasts can be a source of pleasure. This particular thing is never mentioned again. Perhaps it was Cohen's way of showing her readers that Tyler, older sister, was the mother's favorite. But it was an abrupt addition to the book, which I couldn't follow and was left thinking, "WTF?!"

Starting another memoir tonight called Bloodletting... I hope it delves deep! In comparison anyway...


Tiny Betsey Johnson Haul!

I got a few things at Betsey Johnson the other day because they were having a 30% off everything sale! Bryce have me permission on both jewelry pieces. So, naturally, as an addict I went through with it...

I originally only wanted the bear ring, but as a necklace, which does not exist. I was extremely hesitant on buying the ring set since they sit so high. I just love bears too much to pass. A couple nicknames from Bryce to me are "baby bear cat" and "bunny". It was difficult to wear the fawn with the two, so I gave that run to a co-worker.

Robot necklace.... Bryce made me get! :P I've not worn it yet! But it's stinking cute! The heart on a chain is actually connected to a part inside the robot and can be tucked away inside.

The house shoes are whatever. Comfy, kind of cute. I just needed house shoes and they were 30% off!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

LUSH Haul!

Holidays are here! And that means Lush's holiday products are here, too! Last year I was too late to get much... but I grabbed a thing or two this past week. LOVES.

Starting with the blue and white man... ABOMBNIBALL! Haha. This big, cute guy is a bath bomb is very pepperminty, with notes of vanilla and a tiny bit of orange. There's a surprise in this guy! When you shake it, you can hear it moving around. I'm going to wait to use this one for when I'm feeling sluggish and or sore... seems like it'll be invigorating.

Cinnamon roll is called Three Gold Rings. It's a bubble bath bar. You crumble it up under your faucet and should create luxurious bubbles. It smells strongly of vanilla with the tiniest note of myrrh.

Snowman guy is the Snowman bath melt. You can drop the bath melt in a hot bath and it's essential oils will soothe your skin. This guy shea butter, cocoa butter, which should be very moisturizing for the skin!

The heart is the Heavanilli massage bar. This is in their permanent line, but I mentioned in a previous blog that the check-out forgot to put it in my bag. My skin feels extra dry lately, so I've been using this. You just massage your arms or legs (dry) and the bar immediately melts onto your skin. I also have the vanilla dusting powder so I'm not walking around with shea, cocoa butter visible on my skin. This product also has jasmine and vanilla.

The two golden balls is CINDERS bath bombs! I really, really wanted to try this bath bomb last year, but they sold out by the time I tried to purchase.You drop Cinders into your bath tub and it fizzles away and the red bits on top are little pop rocks. The scent is a very sweet cinnamon. Not very spicy smelling. I used this bath bomb this morning. This one honestly fizzes very quickly. Your bath turns an orange-ish gold. Does not stain your bathtubs, by the way. I love, love the smell. There is almond oil and cinnamon oil in this particular bath bomb, which really softened my skin nicely. I enjoyed a long bath while reading. I got out of my bath around 8am. Took a mini nap around 1pm and still smelled the light fragrance of sweet cinnamon on my skin. By the time I woke up, almost 2pm, the scent was a lot lighter. I can still smell it if I smell my arm. I'm happy I bought two! I will repurchase!

Now the next bath bomb is called Lil' Lush Pud. This is what Lush says, "Sinking into a steamy LUSH Pud bath is like curling up next to the fire on a freezing winter evening. Clove powder warms you up when you're chilled to the bone, while aloe vera extract and rose absolute soothe dry, winter skin. Inspired by traditional British Christmas pudding made of figs (and often served flaming), our LUSH Pud is more satisfying than dessert (although, admittedly we don't serve ours aflame). Oh, did we mention it has the scrumptious almond-icing scent of our beloved Snowcake soap? Yum!" There is also a note of clove, which I'm not 100% sure if I love the scent. But I thought, heck, why not try it?

Now last, but CERTAINLY not least, the pretty gold-dusted soap is called Snowcake. It smells JUST like marzipan and is seriously my most favorite scent I've encountered ALL YEAR! This soap has Rose Absolute in it which is supposed to really help dry skin and keep it smooth. I haven't used it yet, since I've been working on Honey I Washed the Kids soap. But I'm thinking of wrapping that one up and putting it aside so I can begin using Snowcake.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Aqua Net Diaries by Jennifer Niven review

After taking over a month to read Wicked (loved!), I opted for my next book to be a quick fun read. And ta-da! I chose correctly! I finished in 5 days.

The Aqua Net Diaries was a very cute memoir where author, Jennifer Niven McJunkin, recalled her high school days. It was very, very 80's-heavy! I'd say those who went to high school during then would feel great nostalgia and relateability. I was in high school 20-ish years later, but still found the general idea relatable.

Jennifer was kind of an outcast, but well-liked. Incredibly outgoing, creative, boy-crazy and wanted to get the hell out of small town Richmond, OH. And her sidekick was Joey, token gay best friend. Definitely related to that one. ;)

The book goes through stories of first love, extracurricular activities, partying, fake ID's, parents separating and her first heartbreak.

It wasn't the best book I read, but a light and fun bubblebath read. I'd recommend it to people if they see it for sale. Like I did at Borders (sad moment of silence………) for under $3.

Next book: Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen! I expect this to be another fast read, but a but darker. ;)