Friday, May 25, 2012

Nailpolish Shelves

There are a lot of important things happening in the world... and clearly the fact that my nailpolish shelves are built and finished IS blog-worthy!

A couple of weeks ago I was researching storage options for my nailpolish. I was getting sick of blindly pulling colors and ruining the order of my "beauty table." I was willing to fork over the $100 for a typical clear, plastic polish display until I came across a random fellow lacquer-lover's blog. She had her boyfriend build her some wooden shelves and painted them. AHA! Brilliant!

Luckily, Bryce uses all those manly tools for his job installing art. He cut the wood and did all that drilling business. I chose my colors:

I decided I wanted ROSE GOLD GLITTER with an accent of blue-ish.

After a lot of nagging, I finally got my shelves!

and more...
Okay! I'll stop.

It took me quite awhile to go through all my polish and throw away the ones that were looking retired. Then I had to decide the color-coding... White people problems. Ha. I had to keep shifting the colors around once I'd find more reds or what have you. ANYWAY, those are my babies.

What do I do when I get more polish? I MIGHT be able to use two and half of the shelves with appliances and utensils on it. Did I already mention white people problems? HAHA! On second thought: nailpolish... Asian people problems. Ba-da-bump!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Health Journey (Once upon a time...)

I've probably sufficiently annoyed Facebookers with all my gym check-ins and talk about working out. Oh, but I'm not finished! Ha.

A month ago, I suckered myself into trying the Blue Print Cleanse and figured, "EFF IT! You started, you're going to continue...!" Continue with looking out for my health. I signed up for a membership at a fitness club in literal walking distance and began working out that very afternoon.

I got my free 1-hour personal training session... HOW DEPRESSING! We did a weigh-in, measurements, including FAT measurements. I died. Seriously. I'm still carrying that dead Monica inside me. I will get rid of that ho. We talked about my terrible eating habits (two big not-so-nutritious meals toward the end of the day + nighttime dessert with B) and what I should be doing. The trainer kicked my ass.

I decided to ask my parents to early birthday gift me a package of ten sessions with Nicole, my personal trainer. Sweet. I really didn't want to fork over the $750.

She set up a general workout regimen for me when I'm not working out with her. She's got me consuming a lot more protein throughout the day and loading me up with water. I feel great. I've only very recently started craving pizza, ha. At the moment I'm seeing her Monday and Wednesday. She kicks my ass so badly I wobble home. Every two weeks we weigh. Every four weeks we do all weighing and measuring. I have lost a total of 5lbs in FAT (+gained lean muscle) in this first month.

I'm kind of proud. I'm mostly very disappointed, haha. I know I'm consuming more, but creating muscle which will effectively burn off the fat "for good" as opposed to near starving myself and losing a lot of weight faster. It's SO tempting to do the latter. But she actually caught that I wasn't consuming as much protein when she did my measurements. I didn't think it'd matter, but I felt like a dumbass when I was caught, haha.

Another HUGE disappointment is throughout this month I've truly gotten to see how terribly out of shape I've gotten in these past few years. Nicole has me run up and down two flights of stairs three times, mixed with some freaking jumping jacks and I'm already wishing our hour was up! DYING. I freaking hate our routines with those damn stairs, haha. As well as the Jacobs Ladder. I'm on there for 3 minutes and I'm sweating. My ankles kill. My calves kill. My spirit deadens. Haha.

I think of how a little over a year ago I was getting back into working out because at that moment I was the most out of shape I had been (HAAA). I quit my job and for the past year I've just been gaining weight like a hungry madman (a tiny fuc...thank you to birthcontrol). I quickly gained that 15-20lbs back and why the hell not gain some more, Monica. Not to mention like 6 years ago when I was obsessed with working out and dropped 40lbs but my boobs went up a cup. Haha. Oh to be young... Now I'm working my ass of like crazy to do it healthily and kick my 18-20 year old self for falling off the wagon. I swear it sneaks up on you!

I did this to me. I'm undoing this to me.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream

This eye cream is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! This year I've really noticed tiny, fine lines underneath my lower lash line. ALSO, the skin under my eye feeling dry and sensitive. I suppose all the years of rubbing make-up off with regular skin cleanser. Accepting the fact that I'm 26 years old and probably should be loading my eyes with a great eye cream got me on the hunt!

Bobbi Brown's EXTRA Eye Repair Cream was that answer! The cream is $68, HOWEVER, I've been using it for two months and I've skimmed the top. I can see this product lasting 8 months, used during the day under your makeup and at night.

I've been using this cream mainly during my night routine. It's a thick, luxurious cream that can be used very sparingly. I lightly tap a thin coverage with my ring finger, let it absorb for a couple minutes the continue with my routine.

This cream WORKS! Even though I didn't start with many lines, I'd say at LEAST 90% is gone. My under eye area doesn't feel sensitive nor dry. It's what I wanted and that's what it delivered.