Monday, November 14, 2011

Tiny Betsey Johnson Haul!

I got a few things at Betsey Johnson the other day because they were having a 30% off everything sale! Bryce have me permission on both jewelry pieces. So, naturally, as an addict I went through with it...

I originally only wanted the bear ring, but as a necklace, which does not exist. I was extremely hesitant on buying the ring set since they sit so high. I just love bears too much to pass. A couple nicknames from Bryce to me are "baby bear cat" and "bunny". It was difficult to wear the fawn with the two, so I gave that run to a co-worker.

Robot necklace.... Bryce made me get! :P I've not worn it yet! But it's stinking cute! The heart on a chain is actually connected to a part inside the robot and can be tucked away inside.

The house shoes are whatever. Comfy, kind of cute. I just needed house shoes and they were 30% off!


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