Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finally! Saw The Hunger Games

After obsessive anticipation, I finally got to see The Hunger Games last night at 7pm! I loved it!

The movie was nearly 2 and a half hours, but did feel like only an hour. I felt like all the pieces of the book happened so quickly. I feel like they did as much as they could in the time they had to tell the story. It didn't feel like they delved deep into any points from the book. I almost wish it could have been a two-part movie, but oh well.

The acting was IMPECCABLE! I admit, I wasn't thrilled to hear the casting when the actors were first announced, but I was shown I was wrong. The camera work was great, too. I felt the sense of urgency and anxiety at many parts inside the game.

I honestly am glad I knew the entire story from reading the book, because I definitely understood how important and meaningful certain things were that they didn't dive deeper into.  I think if I were someone who hadn't read the books, I would have wondered why people were sososo into the trilogy.

I think Catching Fire is going to be great! I hope it will explain the Districts and the Capitol relation a lot better. I cannot wait! :)


PS I cried! SPOILER ALERT (for those that didn't read the book): I cried when Katniss volunteered for Prim. I cried when Roo died. I cried when District 11 rebelled.

PPS "I feel..." "I felt..." "I feel..." "I feel..." Haha.


  1. uhmmm! Those were the exact three points when i cried too!!!!!!! especially at the rebelling. but in the book it was district 8 that rebelled first. :/ and there were key elements that were missing in the movie. i was really upset on how she got the mocking jay pin, and that the avoxes were not really any part in the movie. but i still loveeeeeed it and loved jennifer lawrence as katniss.

  2. Yeah, I wished they would have really shown how the districts were forced to watch the games... and how the district banned together to send I think it was bread? to Katniss...

    The Rebelling parts made me cry the most because I assumed the man who started was Rue's dad... which, ah! Heartbreaking!!!!

    I'm hoping in Catching Fire they really explain things better. and ESPECIALLY mention avoxes!!!