Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Over Convey

Last year I was excited and happy to support a new restaurant in Houston called Convey. It's a sushi joint that has sushi delivered on a conveyor belt. The owner was nice and wanted to preserve authentic Japanese dishes on his menu. After several visits I became to realize a lack of prompt service wasn't just because they were a new restaurant. A waitress had a visible crappy attitude every visit, one was too shy to even talk to guests, and the sweet one worthy of a 50% tip each time seemed to have disappeared after the first few months. The quality was great. Fresh fish. Really clean tasting specialty rolls.

Even though it took them ages to get their liquor license they supplemented by offering complimentary sake.

My last two visits made me think there might be a new owner since it was staff I didn't recognize. The second to last left me feeling like this may be a positive thing. My food arrived fairly quickly, the sushi chef was in a great mood which felt addictive.  Our waiter was on point, engaging and extremely friendly.

Last visit were the same staff, and ugh... First, there was NO ONE in the restaurant, so I went to sit at the beginning of the conveyor belt, but they asked me to sit somewhere else because they were expecting someone. Well, fine. This didn't bother me at first. Only after realizing that this person they were expecting didn't even like sushi much did I get slightly annoyed. They were out of squid. Out of shrimp. Out of egg omelet. And they served me dead clams in my miso soup. UGH! The service was ridiculously slow, which I cannot begin to understand as Bryce and I were the first patrons. The "person" and his date were the only others in the restaurant during that evening.

I'm mostly disappointed  because I was so excited to see this place take off. The owner was really cool and I feel nostalgic toward the concept. The food quality was magnifique! I used to recommend the place to everyone and gush about loving in. Now, not so much.

I won't be returning on my own. :/


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