Sunday, September 25, 2011


My friend, Andrea, let me know that Bath & Body Works has their 2 3-wick candle for $20 sale! The sales girl told me today was the end of the sale... but they typically have great sales. I went a little crazy! For the past year I've been in love with their candles. They last a long time and smell great. Here goes:

 Clockwise starting at top-left. Cinnamon Sugared Donut. It smells like sugary vanilla doughnut. I don't really smell much cinnamon, but it's super sweet and delicious smelling! The Halloween-themed candle was bought for Bryce, since he likes lime green and its scent is Spiced Cider. YUM! It smells just as it would seem. He loved cider, so I figure he'd enjoy that for his desk during the approaching fall months. Leaves. This is a limited edition scent that I've heard smells great, so I definitely had to get my hands on it. B&BW states: Autumnal notes of golden nectar, juicy mandarin and red delicious apple are paired with toasted cinnamon stick, mulled cider spices and freshly harvested red berries. This is accurate! When I first heard of the scent I didn't think I'd really enjoy it since I like sweet or clean smells. But this rich scent does really make you want to enjoy Autumn. Last but not least, Eucalyptus Spearmint. I think this is my ultimate new favorite scent. It's part of the stress relief line, and it smells CLEAN and FRESH. I think it slightly reminds me of Bumble and bumble's Thickening line, which I love, love, love. I'm excited to burn this before bed while I'm reading. Or while I'm in a bubble bath reading.

I then spotted the Wallflowers! They were mix-and-match 6 for $24. So, of course, I had to get that deal! They're wall plug-ins. At the moment they have a lot of fall-related plug-in decorations. I got two of Frosted Cupcake, because I love that scent, too. And own a couple of those candles. I plugged the raccoon in our bedroom, with the Leaves scent. We oftentimes leave our back sliding glass door (which is one of our bedroom walls, essentially) so I thought a nice breeze with the Leaves scent would be nice. We also have the Leaves candle burning. I plugged the flower Wallflower with Frosted Cupcake in the bathroom.

I bought Bryce this Wallflower plug-in, since he loves lime green and bats. So that has Cinnamon Sugared Donut in it. And he has his Spiced Cider candle burning on his desk.

As I was checking out I heard a girl ask about this line...

Paris Amour! I tested the lotion on my hand when my lady was packing up my first goodie haul. I reeeeally liked it instantly! It smells light, sweet and feminine. It claims white tulips and pink champagne. The lady said it was a continuation (??) of Japanese Cherry Blossoms, which is the scent I use as our air freshener in the bathroom, haha. But I guess I'll be using this now! The sale was buy 3 get 2 for free. I'll give my sister a lotion and glitter mist.

On my way out of the Galleria, I wanted to smell Betsey Johnson's new Too Too perfume that came out this week. I LOVE IT! I couldn't justify spending much more money, so I just got the rollerball.
Quoted from BJ's website, this new perfume smells like... The vibrant scent is comprised of sweet passion fruit, sparkling mandarin, ginger, and strawberry leaves spun together with an underlying delicate pink musk that suggests femininity and warmth. To round it out, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla add just the right touch of radiance.

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