Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I waited and waited for my new best friend. It had turned out that it was waiting in my leasing office. Apparently you have to just check every day if it's not certified mail. WHATEVER! Worth the wait!

I bought my Sirius Skin Sonic on their site HERE. I paid $49.95. No tax. No shipping. It comes with 5 different heads. "Normal brush" "Sensitive Brush" "Hydration Applicator" "Exfoliation Applicator" and "Massage Applicator"

Applying facial cleanser on brush or on directly onto your skin. I choose my brush. Using circular motions,  spend 20 seconds on forehead, 10 seconds on each cheek, 10 seconds on your nose area, 10 seconds on your chin. I add 5-10 seconds on my lips, too.

First, I tried the normal head, because I figured I could take it on... I'm no wuss. So, I learned that the normal is definitely someone with less sensitive skin than mine. Ha. It just felt like an extreme exfoliation. Which, I honestly think I'll be using two times a week and just using this head instead of even bothering with an exfoliator. This gets a super deep cleanse and I can tell my pores get cleaned out!

The second day I used the sensitive head. It was perfect. I used this for a couple days.

I had been SO impressed with the results that I took it upon myself to test out the normal head again and really focus on my forehead area. The area I'm starting to get extremely conscious that I'm not 15 anymore. I haven't a clue what I was daydreaming about, but I must have spent at least 2 minutes on just my forehead! MISTAKE! My forehead burned at slight touch. I have been moisturizing the shit out of my forehead but I'm fairly certain I was too abrasive and buffed off a layer of skin, haha.

I like the hydration applicator, because I go to bed when moisturizer that feels like it's been penetrated in my skin, rather than sitting there and ready to be smeared off by my pillow. My face isn't wet and sticky after using my SkinSonic used in my moisturizing routine.

The massage applicator felt SO weird the first time I used it. I had so much tension in my face, specifically my jaw. I've been clenching my jaw a lot lately. 


I can feel how much smoother my face is. I am so shocked when I have manually washed my face before using my SkinSonic to remove the bulk of my makeup. BABY BOTTOM!

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