Sunday, October 23, 2011


Today I used my Sunday to start organizing my make-up, nail stuff and a tiny bit of skincare.

I threw away a LOT of old items. Now I feel like I have to replenish! I also feel like I want some more eyeshadow palettes... I keep finding more items here and there. I even found a $20 bill in a purse, woohoo! Haha. I don't like the desk I own right now. I'm thinking of MAYBE painting it white. I'll get a white vanity if it makes more sense. Research.

Either later tonight or tomorrow I'll organize all my bath products, skincare and haircare. I initially dreaded it, but truly I did an organizational day for those products not terribly long ago, so it's really a matter of getting rid of the old and making room for the new! ;P Kidding aside, I do need to inventory my products so I use them before they're too old. And use them before I purchase more!



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