Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve! I remember being so excited this day every year when I was younger. As I'm becoming wiser (;P) I'm more appreciative of this time of year. I like giving more than receiving. I look back to the entire year and realize the things I've accomplished. The people I've met. The great things in life. It feels nice to live another year and just to be happy.

Nicole and I took Tristan to see our father, his grandpa. He was shy at first, but after some grandparently spoiling of juice, cookies and toys, he became his hyper self. He got a 6-lane Hot Wheels racetrack and wouldn't stop playing with it. Namely the hamburger truck... haha. It was very interesting to see how I actually enjoyed seeing Tristan play with his new toys more than I was excited about receiving a gift. I've been this way for a couple of years now, but I guess since Tristan is now 2 and a half, he's enjoying presents so there is a new thrill to this time of year.

Anyway... tomorrow is Bryce's extended family Christmas and then my Japanese Christmas. I can't wait to give Tristan all his gifts from me and Bryce! :)

I'll admit though, I'm pretty damn excited to receive a Kindle Fire.... IF that's what I get... ;)

Merry Christmas, EVERYONE!


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