Sunday, March 10, 2013

See by Chloe

See by Chloe ($78 at Sephora)is my new favorite perfume! I'm not normally big into perfumes since I typically get headaches from strong perfumes, but I'm big into this perfume! It's number one at Sephora right now, too. It's extremely light, fruity, sweet and girly. For perfumes I tend to lean toward sweet, vanilla scents. This particular scent just lifts my spirits. I was initially surprised that I was gaga over a perfume that's main note seems to be apple.  Back on the light factor, I honestly feel like you cannot overdo this. Spray 20 spritzes and you won't smell like a street-walker.

I think the biggest setback for me is that it doesn't have the lasting power I wish it did. I don't like to reapply during the day. Since I like the scent so much I may consider buying a smaller size to carry in my purse, IF/when they come out with a roller ball or something.


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