Friday, September 13, 2013

Hello, Month Eight of Pregnancy! (LONG)

Ever since I found I was pregnant at the end of March I swore to myself I was going to blog. I attempted to at least twice a week since then. FAIL!  My blog stopped a week before I found out I was pregnant, haha. It truly shows my how all-consuming pregnancy can be! I used to read for leisure every night, but it's been all pregnancy and baby reading since March.

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant. If you're like me, I knew next to nothing about pregnancy durations but soon became an expert. You're pregnant for ~40 weeks. A full 9 months, which ends up making you think/feel it's 10. Anyway, so today I entered my 8th month of pregnancy. Completely surreal that my kiddo will be here in about 2 months. It's been long and quick all at the same time (that's what she said, HAHA!).

I've been completely lucky to have an easy pregnancy. In my first trimester I definitely felt more tired than I ever thought possible. I could remember so many days during the workday thinking I could easily pass out sitting at the computer. At first, I was determined to keep up with my gym schedule. Ha! The fatigue won that battle. Also during the first trimester, I experienced bouts of nausea from aversions to most food. It wasn't too bad and I never experienced any pregnancy-related vomiting. Quite honestly, I was a little bummed that so many women I know or hear about lose weight during their first trimester because of morning sickness. Of course I couldn't shed weight without working for it. I didn't gain any weight either. Another change I experienced in my first trimester was nipple change. Extreme sensitivity and change in appearance. Any breast size I lost during losing 45lbs, I gained back immediately. I also started experiencing insane headaches. At the end of my first trimester experienced Mother's Day in a different way. This was when I started a journal to Kit. I did genetic testing and found out the gender. Baby boy, Kenneth "Kit" Hugh, gave us "normal" genetic results (whatever that means...).

In my second trimester the fatigue was lifted. I was eager to up my twice a week workout to at least five days. Ha, my sciatic nerve had a different plan for me! That's when I started seeing a chiropractor weekly. It took a few visits for me to really see what a difference adjustments made! I see her every three weeks now. Somewhere between then and now I've also added the treat of prenatal massages, too. :) The chiropractor took away more than 95% of headaches, acid reflux I was starting to experience, most of my sciatic pain. And the BIGGEST difference I'm most impressed with is the fact that she seems to have fixed my knee injury from a year ago! I love her. Anyway! During the second trimester is when I definitely saw consequences of slacking on exercise and diet. My legs lost their tone and definition. I started to gain a little weight, but nothing extreme. The change in my legs though did (and still does) really bother me, but I noticed when I hit the gym I experience sciatic and hip pain. Also, my belly began to grow, but didn't "pop" so I felt like a whale at the gym. Not quite like the cute pregnant women I love seeing at the gym!  On July 3rd (18.5wks), lying on my tummy I felt his first kicks! It was absolutely THE most exciting moment in my entire 27 years of life. I may have gotten a little obsessed with squishing him by lying on my tummy to feel his kicks that day. Then on July 4th Bryce got to feel a couple kicks! From then on his kicks from the outside have just gotten stronger and more frequent. During my anatomy scan (had mine at 21 weeks), Bryce and I got to see Kit for a long time and swore he had my bone structure! But let's face it... he still looked like a weird, skeletal aquasaurus.

Third trimester, I've been feeling pretty good still. Just in the last week my acid reflux has come back, which Tums can kind of keep up with... I would say that's my only symptom complaint. My belly is getting bigger. Only a few weeks ago was the first time someone who didn't already know I was pregnant commented on my pregnancy. I can feel my core muscles trying to fight to keep from being stretched too much. It's strange! I experienced one day where I felt my pelvic bones feel like they were pulled apart. Also, two days ago I felt a day of hip discomfort. Luckily, overall I'm just slower and needing Tums. OH! And I have a lot more freckles on my face now! My next chiro appointment, I'll make it a point to address the acid reflux. So, speaking of acid reflux, I've learned of the wive's tale of having a hairy baby if you experience acid reflux... I had my 4D ultrasound and Kit has hair! The tech said it's not a lot of hair, but more than peach fuzz. There was one part of the video where she pointed out what was hair... Looked like a lot to me!!!! I had a ton of hair, so I can only expect he is born with dark hair like me! My biggest shock though was the uncanny resemblance my baby has to his daddy and all the males on his side!!!! I swooooore that he was going to look like me because of that anatomy scan. I'm excited that we got to see he has at least one dimple! I'm hoping for two dimples like ME! I just can't wait to see what he looks like. I'm sosososososo in love. I think seeing him in real-time and actually seeing what his flesh looks like made the surreal real. I'm pretty sure for three days straight the only thing I said to Bryce was, "my baby is so cute!!!!" Also, he flipped us the bird twice. Just thought I'd throw that in there. :)

I'm emotional! I think everything is so sweet and/or cry-worthy. I've been getting watery-eyed since my first trimester just seeing cute baby clothes, hearing certain things like "that's our son" (strangers), old people, EVERY TIME I hear Macklemore's "Same Love" when he says, "damn right I support it" (HAHA, my eyes are watering just typing that!)

I'm getting so close! I have two months left. I need to be patient in regards of the last things we need before Kit gets here. I can go crazy AFTER my baby shower. I've met my financial saving goals that I made for before I start maternity. I'm pretty proud of that. That includes his first 6 months of daycare, a head start on college savings for him, and a checkings account for him. I even have saved aside money for the big items that are a bit pricy on my registry so I don't have to freak out if I need to buy them myself. Another thing I need to be patient with is unwarranted advice and comments! It's like people lose filters when they know you're pregnant. "You'll see when you have your baby..." (no shit) "I don't know how you do it..." (do what?!) "You should(n't) do XYZ..." (I didn't ask). Continued rant... the rudest thing I experienced was from a person who was surprised to find out I was pregnant a month ago and made comments like, "oh wow, it's hard work" "I hope you know it's not easy" then asked me, "so who's the father?" Mind you this person only knows me through work and sees me every 6 weeks or so. I'm immediately thinking, "how would you know who the father is regardless of ANYTHING?" but I told her, "my boyfriend of almost 5 years" then she asked me if he was excited, I replied, "yes, and he's going to be a really good daddy" (which he IS, undoubtedly), SHE LAUGHS AT THAT and says, "you're so funny." I don't think I could have been more annoyed and offended. I just walked into my work's breakroom and ranted. HAHA clearly I'm not over it!!!! Whatever! OKAY!

His nursery is coming along! Just need a few more things to complete it. It's forest themed, which just happens to go with his name, Kit (baby fox!). I just love it. His room is connected to Bryce's study, which Milton hangs out in. So, that's the boys' area. My GIRL area is the rest of the home, haha. :)

Soooo... that's my update!


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