Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Couch and Cajun

After waiting over 4 months, I finally got a couch! But it wasn't from the original furniture store. I've had the WORST buying experience with Fingers Furniture. I won't even go into the details, because I'll probably get irrationally annoyed and itchy. With the awesome advice of Austin Payne, I decided to take my business Gallery Furniture and got my new couch day of purchase! And spent a fraction of the price. They SAVED me MONEY! Can't beat that. Fingers still owes me $500. Gah.

(Camera focused on lamp...)

It's super comfy. The boys aren't allowed to get their stinky selves on the couch. We need some kind of rug, I think! AND Bryce needs to hang all our art, as you can see. It's embarrassing and ironic that Bryce is an ART INSTALLER! Anyway. Somehow already there is a smidge of INK on the couch. Anyone know of ways to remove? If not, I'll google soon. Fantastic does NOT work, ha. 

Lately I am OBSESSED with crawfish. I used to just avoid it, since it seemed like a pain in the ass to eat. It's still a pain in the ass, but I have cravings, damnit! The other day, I ordered crawfish to go, and peeled away, sucked brains happily while watching random Tyra Show clips (gay for pay, anyone?!) but I couldn't help but notice the little bastards ruined my nailpolish! Can one wear latex gloves to break open mudbugs?

 My other (life) obsession has been oysters. I've always loved raw oysters, so I've been eating more than my fair share of that. Did you know, you can eat almost 81 lbs of raw oysters a week before worrying about mercury poisoning? Google told me! How tempting that sounds... Slurp, slurp! There are only a couple more weeks of April left, then it's the dreaded months without "r"! :( If I weren't going on a juice cleanse this weekend, I'd be crawfish, shrimp and oystering it up! I guess I'll "ease" into solids by eating oysters. Heee. :)


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