Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Maze Runner- James Dashner

WHOA, WHOA! The Maze Runner, a young adult, dystopian,sci-fi, by James Dashner was wonderful! This past week, I spent a couple of days at home since I was sick. This allowed me to just drown myself in my kindle! Specifically The Maze Runner.

Those who say if you like The Hunger Games then you'll like The Maze Runner are right!

Thomas, 16, the main character, wakes up in an elevator, known as the Box with no memories. He enters a world where other teenage boys have gone through the same memory wipe and have learned to live in the place they have been sent, called the Glade. The boys have taken it upon themselves to take on roles in order to survive. Some of these roles are cooks, gardeners, slaughterhouse workers, cleaners, medics, etc... One role Thomas is completely drawn to is being a Runner. The Glade is surrounded by a maze. The Runners are the smartest of the bunch. Their part is to run around their assigned section, which is miles upon miles, all day and memorize what position the walls have moved into during the night in hopes of finding the exit. The Runners have been charting out the maze for two years and cannot figure out the exit, but they keep at it regardless. They have to get back to Glade by a certain time at night, BEFORE the maze walls close, or they have to face a Griever.

Grievers are slug-like machine monsters that have saws, claws, and other tools for arms. No one has ever survived being trapped in the maze over night. During the day, if you've gotten stung by a Griever you have to get back to the Glade and get an injection of Grief Serum, which is one of the items the Creators send the boys. The healing person goes through the Changing, which is a gruesome toll on the body and flashes of memories from "the real world."

Since Thomas's arrival, things start to shake up the Gladers' routines. He makes a friend, friends-ish friends, and enemies. He regains very vague memories of things, but can't figure out where the memory comes from. Even though the Gladers receive a new boy in the Box every month, the day after Thomas's arrival the Box brings them a girl in a coma. She wakes up for seconds and tells the boys that the ending is here. She falls back into the coma...

This is the very beginning of the Maze Runner... highly recommended read! I hope they do make the trilogy into a movie. I have begun The Scorch Trials. So far, it's great!


PS I did finish that hoarders book before I got sucked into the Maze Runner. Ha.

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