Thursday, January 12, 2012


I just received my first Julep Maven box!!!! Julep Maven is a mani/pedi-related program you can get monthly. Normally it's $19.99 a month for at least $40 worth of retail. You take a style quiz, to determine which style you fit into. I actually took it twice because I had different answers and it only let me choose one at a time in most categories. I got "American Beauty" and "It Girl." I decided to get 3 months of "It Girl" because it looked most fun in the previews of past months and the intro box.

If you sign up now, you can use the promocode "JANUARY" and get your first box for $5. If you don't like the next month's preview, you can SKIP that month, with no charge. You can pull another "style's" box for the month. You can even cancel at any time. I'm THOROUGHLY excited to be receiving monthly goodies!

I received my intro box today!

Normally a bottle of Julep nail polish retails at $14. So, I received a $54 value for $5 this month. Woohoo! You get full sizes of each product. I've heard the quality is good. They're BIG 3 FREE :) So no harsh chemicals. It's a small company based in Seattle.

Sleepy and excited... Which color should I use next week? Leah, Megan or Hayden?!

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  1. thats an amazing deal...not really a nail person...but the dark pearlescent green looks very nice