Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Maze Runner

I downloaded my first book on my Kindle Fire... The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I've actually been avoiding reading the book since I'm in the middle of a self-help book about hoarders. Sadly, that book has lost my attention. It's a lot less interesting than I'd expected it to be. I have a weird thing about not wanting to start a new book until I've read the previous one. I've made an exception!

The Maze Runner is a page-turner! If you like the Hunger Games series, I think you'll enjoy it. That's what I had heard, and I agree! So far, Thomas is the main character, about 16 years old, most of his memory has been wiped. He appears in a place called "the Glade" and meets an array of other teenage boys. He's learning about the place, the people and is drawn to the Maze. Only "Runners" can go out into the maze, whose walls change overnight, and Thomas is certain he needs to be a Runner. He has a vague feeling he's been in this strange land before, but keeps that to himself, except for when he mentioned it to his half-asleep friend, Chuck. A newbie shows up once a month, but where I just left off, a new boy has arrived just one day after Thomas, so the group of boys are shocked and confused...

I'm excited! I'm sick in bed, so I'll probably read all night. I may actually finish that book about hoarders so I can stop thinking about it, ha.

Happy New Year!


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