Monday, June 11, 2012

Deborah Lippmann The Stripper

Nail Polish Junkies,

Ever have to give your nails time to "breathe"? I used to think that my nails needed breathing breaks from wearing polish because my fingers/nails would feel a dull ache for at least 12 hours. Birchbox sent me a sample of Deborah Lippmann's The Stripper  (to-go). I noticed the smell was very pleasant. Lavender. Not the harsh, "who the hell is using nail polish remover?!" smell.The little mitt got my glitter off SO well! But 6 mitts (one mitt can remove both hands) is $12 and that's just RIDICULOUS. e-mailed me with an offer of a free DL polish if I spent $10 so I decided to try out the full-size of The Stripper. With a price tag of $18 for 4oz... yikes! I may have 5 uses left in my current bottle. So that will have been a total of 3 months, maybe 3 and a half. That's kind of steep for nailpolish remover. But I can tell you I have noticed a huge difference in my nails. No pain. No irritation. And frankly, it does work better than the removers I buy from the drug store. I will be repurchasing, but also researching alternative removers with lavender and aloe in their formulas.

Fellow Junkie

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