Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nosebleeds, Rave Product aaannndddd...

I'm going to be brief with each thing I want to mention.

1) Can getting nosebleeds be in my genes? It seems to be something I got from my mother. My sister gets nosebleeds easily, too. I hate when I'm in the shower and the warm water trickles down my face. I'm CONSTANTLY checking for blood! Ha. What are different reasons for nosebleeds? I try to drink or eat oranges, I hear that stops it back on like that "olympic"/"warrior" show where people compete on different obstacle courses. Am I crazy or does someone know what I'm talking about? American gladiator???

I LOVE THIS SHOWER GEL!!!! It smells DELICIOUS (light sweet) and doesn't dry out my skin. I got the travel size to try out, but I will definitely be repurchasing on the largest bottle!

3) I'm trying out a month supply of Shakelogy. I've been making shakes for almost a week now. I was having one for breakfast, but I've switched to post-workouts instead for the convenience of time in the morning. I'll get back on what my thoughts are about this product in a later blog!

OBSESSED. I can't get enough of watermelon! I've been replacing late night snacks with watermelon. YUM! Bryce is out getting me some at nearly midnight. Ha. Aw. :)


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