Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FAT! Working out, yet again...

Some times I cannot believe I actually used to be OBSESSED with working out. I'd have friends who'd beg me to go out and do things on Fridays and Saturdays and I'd say, "I can't, I have to work out, but afterward... maybe." Monica today is all, "Sure! Can we have really fattening food and gorge, too?"

Living with my boyfriend certainly hasn't helped. When I'm bored I just want to cuddle and sit around with him. And my new found obsession, ice cream. Or mashed potatoes. Ha. I was already slacking prior to that, but didn't feel as bad as I am now.

A week ago, Bryce and I took the boys to the Allen Parkway bark park, and there was a TINY incline, which I actually felt like I exerted energy walking up. Not huffing and puffing at all, but I definitely felt something! Terrible. That made me determined to come up with an idea of how to get into some decent shape.

I have a gym membership. I never go now. I always excuse not going because I'd rather spend some time with Bryce after work. I recalled our apartment complex said we could pay a fee to get a fob at a different location of our apartments and use the gym there. A few days ago, I purchased one. Yay! So now Bryce and I can go work out together and get back into shape.

My goal for us is to work out 5 times a week, at least for an hour each time. We already discussed our schedule. I can't wait for getting back to a point where I go to the gym for like 3 hours without flinching.


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  1. let me know how it turns out for you~~~i need to work out too, summer is almost here, need to get rid ofthem winter weight~~~