Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OPI: Simply Smash-ing!

This is OPI's Simply Smash-ing! It was a color that I felt was an ugly pea/puke green that came paired with my Shatter. Serena Williams or the other one was part of it's marketing. I got into conversation about nailpolishes and Shatter with a client the other day and I mentioned this ugly color, she was like, "NO! Try it! I got that pair, too and the green comes out a pretty gold." So that following Monday I gave it a try. Me likey! In person, (have I mentioned I hate Blackberry's camera?!) the color definitely has a green tinge to it, but it's still pretty in my opinion. Shimmery golden peas, I guess. Haha. So this time I tried Seche Vite top coat with capping the ends of my nails and even painting slightly underneath my nail and NO SHRINKAGE! Pleased. Pretty pleased. Okay, I admit it, when I took the photo with a flash I noticed on my thumb on the side there's a tiny shrinkage. But I'm cool with it. Seche Vite honestly made my two coats of color and thick coat of SV dry in about 2 minutes to the point where I could grab shit out of my paper jungle of a purse if I needed to. Anyway. My skin is pretty prune-y in the photo because it was taken in a bubblebath, but ew... cuticles! I'm thinking I need cuticle oil. I can always see them like sore thumbs in my photos. Advice? :)

I took a peek at Essie's new summer collection dedicated to colors of Brazil. I'm PRETTY sure that I have to buy at least two of the colors. The extremely pale sea foam green color and the main color of the collection, a pretty orange with hints of silvery shimmer. I actually want to get that as a gift for someone, too, because I totally thought of her when I saw it! I'm purdy excited for Sunday to come around so I can see Whitney and possibly shop. Yay! :)

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