Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hair Depression

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I got 5-7inches of hair cut off when the max I wanted off was 3 inches. Just get rid of the dry ends. My stylist has known me for about 2 years and couldn't have possibly have thought that I'd be OK and/or happy with hair a few inches longer than my shoulders.

Last night I kept waking up from odd dreams and immediately feeling a sense of distress and depression over my short hair. Bah.

I bought Super Biotin vitamins today at GNC. So, day 1. I hope I see a significant growth within a month. I'll be sad if it takes a year to grow back the length I had.

I got a Fine Featherhead extension put in today, so I'll easily be able to gauge my progress.

I'm going to order DS Laboratories  Rivita shampoo. I googled where I could buy some in the Houston area. One place. 8181 El Mundo St. AHH. It was scary. In an apartment complex which was next door neighbors to a complex surrounded by barbed wire. Bryce wouldn't let me go in to ask if they sold the shampoo. If Bryce wasn't there I would have gone in. Girl on a hair mission. Ordering tomorrow.

A few people have also recommended prenatal vitamins. I suppose I can research how Biotin and prenatal vitamins may work with one another.

In any case... I'm not cutting my hair for a year. And I'm going back to being super anal about how and what people cut of my hair.


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