Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 10-- Laser Hair Removal

This is for those who absolutely hate to shave and wax!!!! I've always been interested in getting laser hair removal done, but always squashed the idea due to the ridiculous cost of it! Full Brazilian (everything off down there) you're looking at around $330 per session. You need 6-9 sessions. So let's round it off and say you're looking to spend $2,000-3,000. Most places will offer you package deals where you save about $100-200. I happened to come across a deal, on Groupon.com, of $150 for 3 sessions on an area of your choice (not including legs). My mother bought me the package for 3 sessions, too. I chose my Brazilian. I wasn't too thrilled of the actual spa, since it was a house made into a spa and the treatment room where I bared it all on a table had a window 3 feet away from me almost identical to the house next door. Nice. Also, as being someone who works at a front desk in the same industry I have a pretty high expectation of how the front desk should be run in terms of catering to customers. They were sweet, but slopping. For example, I could be waiting there with three staff at the front desk chattering about, waiting for them to check me in or even acknowledge me. Another example being staff eating fast food right by the stairs that clients have to go up in order to get to certain treatment rooms. I once even went down after a treatment to book my next appointment and leave gratuity, but no one came for at least 3 minutes. I left. ANYWAY!...

I was pretty thrilled with the results since I was seeing a great change in hair growth. I could feel how smooth most areas were, but I began to think the technician was getting careless with her work. She would talk a lot and fail to tell me she was switching sides, so it left me with not having the correct leg bent to where she could access everything for proper zapping and she would just zap away anyway and not get the same areas on those several treatments! I suppose I was too intimidated by this lady to actually speak up, so I used all 6 sessions and still had areas that really bothered me. The thing that I was most annoyed about was the fact that I didn't start off with that much hair or that much stubborn hair, so I was sure I'd be done in those 6 sessions.

Having the sweet boyfriend that I do, Bryce got me another 3 sessions for $150 on Groupon.com for another spa. My first treatment at Metropolitan Laser Institute was great. I let my technician, Ashley (who I recommend), know that I have had 6 previous treatments and I wasn't happy with the experience because how sloppy I felt the other girl's work was and I was dealing with the same areas that have had hair for the last 3 treatments. She was extremely thorough! 40ish zaps compared to 8!!!! I was pretty shocked, but happy that I mentioned how unhappy I was with my previous experiences. She said I should wait the 6 weeks to see if I would have any growth, just because I had so little hair left and she didn't want me to pre-book without knowing. Unfortunately there were 3 tiny areas which I actually pointed out to her today and she went zap happy on me. I'm excited to see how this session will turn out. I have my next and last one set for 5 weeks, I hope it'll be for next to no hair! :)

I have recommended a few people to the Metropolitan Laser Institute, in particular, a client at the salon I was working at was interested in laser hair removal for his back but had missed the deal on Groupon.com and I suggested he call or go up there to mention getting in on that deal or getting some other kind of deal. They were more than happy to do the 3 treatments for $150.

Things I've learned:
*The zap sensation only lasts in the moment and is more 'painful' due to anticipation of pain.
*You cannot wax or tweeze when going through laser hair removal treatments (that's a bitch to go back to shaving)
*Groupon.com saved me over $2,500!
*I need to speak up if I'm unhappy with results and I'll likely get what I ask for.
*Livingsocial.com also has these good deals!

Have a great evening! I need to wake up early... start my new job bright and early! I'm beyond excited for this! :)

PS I've realized I somehow missed Saturday. So... I'm a day off. Oh well. Ha.

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