Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 9-- Ethiopian Dinner

You know those days where you do a lot of things, but don't feel overwhelmed of having to accomplish anything? The kind of day where you don't have any down time, but feel contently productive. I had that day today.

Woke up, made breakfast, watched Lost in Translation (for the billionth time) while eating breakfast, got dressed, took Drew and Milton to the dog park, scooted to the Houston Public Library, I went to the gym, took a shower, got ready went to my great friend's, Sara, home for an Ethiopian dinner her father's girlfriend made for us. I'm home now and happy about my day.

The dinner was absolutely delicious. I still have an aftertaste of seasonings used in the dishes and it's pleasant! A couple of Sara's friends brewed their own beer-- it was amazing! Conversation and company was more than pleasant. I laughed a lot. I just love being around Sara, so I always have an amazing time after I've visited her. I love having friends like that. Intelligent, funny, interesting and fun. :)

Bryce and I need to find a new series to watch on NetFlix!


  1. What kind of shows do yall watch? I may or may not have a few recommendations.

    Also, kind of hoping you caught some of my liveblogging of the dramarama around my current house. [=

  2. The Office, Weeds, It's Always Sunny, Kamora Simmons, anything Bravo, 30 Rock, Lie to Me, Stewart and Colbert..

    Where are you blogging at???! I clicked on your name and I don't see any where, or should I be looking at tumblr and livejournal? HELP! lol