Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 5-- Cleaning

Don't you looooove the feeling of freshly cleaned house (apartment or whatever living quarters)? With my bedroom having a wall of sliding glass door out to a backyard, I often leave the glass open  to let the dogs in and out as they please throughout the day. The boys and the breeze constantly leave dirt and leaves all over the bedroom carpet. I try to vacuum once a week, if it's not too bad or I'm too lazy I'll go two. I just love seeing vacuum lines on a carpet!!!! Am I mental?

My hamper was pretty desperate for an emptying. But not as much as my sheets were! Bryce and I did 5 loads of laundry. I have a closet full of clean clothes. And two beds covered in fresh sheets, pillow cases and blankets (yes, two beds*). I love clean sheets!

Today was such a beautiful day. It was a little too warm for my taste, however the breeze was nice. We had all of our fans running with the front door open protected by a baby gate and the back door (sliding glass doors) open. The fresh breeze ran through the apartment. It was nice and calming.

Unfortunately for me not only do I have carpet with two dogs, but I also have cloth in my car and like to port the dogs to dog parks. My car smelled of dog central to me, so I figured out a brilliant plan for cutting the pet odor until I can be assed into getting my car shampooed. Arm & Hammer carpet odor eliminator!!!!! I shook out all the floor mats and dust busted as much as I could then sprinkled a little under and on top of all the mats. An hour later or so I dust busted the top of the mats. My car smells great for now! I hope it lasts awhile. I thought it was quite brilliant! Haha.

With all this cleaning going on, I had Bryce store most of his paintings in the hallway closet he's made solely his own. It got me to thinking we have our living room walls painted, we need to get the art up. After our Chicago trip we need to paint our bedroom so we can hang up paintings in here, too. I'll go into ponderings about what to do with art on the walls another time.

Another great day! :)

*Bryce and I have two beds because the first one we had, which is very soft, is only a full size. My parents got us a queen size, but is a bit firmer. We decided to 'test' out the firmer bed to see if we wanted to give up the fluffy bed. It just so happens we like both and switch up which bed we sleep in every few nights or every week, haha. Good thing our room is big enough to harbor such ridiculousness! ;)

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