Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 6-- Scooter

Today was my first day on Bryce's scooter!!!! Or any scooter for that matter. WOW!!!! I never imagined they could be so much fun. How to describe... non-queasy roller coaster! Haha. We first ran a couple of errands then went for a nice hour-long ride. I couldn't stop smiling. It is possible I kept screaming, "I LOVE SCOOTERS!!!!" When we returned, I got my laptop out and started googling for scooters in Houston. Then "hello kitty scooters for purchase" Ha. My next big savings goal after Chicago is a scooter! I think it'll be nice to have as an alternative to my gas-guzzling car. I rarely leave the inner loop, so I think it's safe to say that my future scooter will be my new best friend.

Went to Sushi Raku with my mother, Nicole and Tristan. It was good .Got tipsy on the pinot grigio. When I got home I insisted that Bryce and I take another ride on his scooter, but this time I wanted to go all the way down Memorial/Briar Forest, to where it dies off intersecting Highway 6. For Houstonians you could imagine riding from Waugh to borderline Katy. EEEK! My knees-- my legs in general were so tense and I'm still feeling the burn as I sit here in my bed (the comfy one).

Oops, forgot I was heating up my leftover mashed potatoes from a couple nights ago. That'll be a doozey to try and scrape off the pot, ha.

Scooter love!

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