Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 3-- Interview

I had a really good today! It was relaxing, plus I ran a few errands. I went to Beautique and bought OPI's Shatter nailpolish! Review to come!

I was supposed to have an interview today with a possible new employer, but she was pretty pressed for time so she suggested we have an interview over the phone. I sent her resume and was excited when she replied saying it looked great. Interview rolls around at about 5:30pm. WOW! I'm so amazed at how sweet, positive and sincere she is! She has a gorgeous salon to boot. I'm so happy to get the chance to work with her. She definitely sounds like the type of boss you want in your life because she can make bigger and better things happen for you in the future. One, of many, differences I have caught onto with this salon owner is that she's still very active and PROGRESSIVE in the beauty industry. I feel like I have a lot I can learn from her. She says she feels really great about bringing me on as her manager, she needs to just figure out when we need to start training me and check my references, which are great! I'm so happy and excited. I feel extremely fortunate for me to have gotten to my breaking point at the last salon so I could venture out and be reminded that there is better out there.

I went to dinner with my mother and Bryce tonight. Fajitas, ceviche and beer at Cyclone Anayas. Yum! Too bad right before my mother called to invite us out, I started making mashed potatoes! So, I'll just have to reheat them tomorrow. The bit I sampled was SO DELICIOUS! Butter, rosemary, GARLIC, and sharp cheddar. It's a good thing I'm full right now.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow at 10am, so I suppose I should get some rest. I'm so glad I didn't have to stress about money and a job! I'm so excited for Chicago coming up... eeeey!

GOODnight! ;)

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