Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 4-- OPI Black Shatter

I got my hair done today! I had it very dark with a single color blocking of pastel pink. The pink was such high maintenance and so damaged that I decided that it was nice while it lasted. Today I had it filled to match my base color then had bronze highlights put all throughout my hair, leaving my t-section out. I'm so thrilled with the results!!!! I can't wait to curl it and wear it wavy so the soft highlights show through more. :) Quite pleased, quite pleased. Bryce and I napped Tristan from Nicole and took him to for a stroll in Menil Park. It was nice and green. We're returning him tomorrow. I hope he sleeps since he did take a like... 3 hour nap!

I'd recently tried gel on my nails and LOVED it! The cost, however, wasn't something I felt I could realistically keep up with every 2 weeks. So, for the past couple of weeks I was just wearing OPI's Nail Envy to just strengthen my nails. I've felt very man-hands/ugly-hands since I haven't done anything pretty with them. I'd been hearing about OPI's Black Shatter which is being promoted by Katy Perry and I believe Serena Williams. I googled some images and NEEDED IT!  Completely curious as to how it works, I purchased it. It was paired with a pretty, glittery chartreuse, which I have yet to use, but plan to in the near future.

When I got into the car I fished into my purse to see which nail polish colors I had-- Essie's Splash of Grenadine was my final choice! It's so to the end of the bottle that it was that gooey lumpy application. It didn't help that Bryce was driving on Kirby where it curves a lot, ha. It took about 20 minutes for my nails to dry. I almost decided to start fresh since there were bubbles and the application was just horrible. I decided to just test out the OPI Black Shatter to see how it works!

So, the instructions say to choose a bottom coat and let it fully dry. The next step is taking the OPI Black Shatter and applying only one coat to each nail. And for protection and extend its longevity, use a top coat. I was amazed! The Black Shatter dries fairly quickly and starts to split in front of your eyes!  I tested one finger on my sister who wasn't wearing any polish, and it just looked like Sharpie marker.

I can't wait to try hot pink, reds, turquoise, etc.! I'm impressed by this idea! I'm going to try and see if I can do something cool with my Hello Kitty nail art sitting in my purse some time soon, too. ;) I love when my nails are painted and pretty.

Ja mata ne!


  1. Awww I used to have nail polish like that as a kid. I guess I was kind of lucky my mum showed her 'love' with stuff. I had neat things; glow in the dark nail polish, crackle polish, little kids jeep thing to ride around in (it 'played casettes'!).

  2. I was sitting in a bubblebath after my blogging and was starting to remember I had a nailpolish like that in middle school or so... So I went to research it and CoverGirl was the first to come out with crackle polish! Haha. I remember glow-in-the-dark too! Aww... childhood treats...!