Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 8-- Children's Museum

This afternoon my mother and I took Tristan to the Children's Museum. He's almost 20 months old, so he couldn't really participate in many of the exhibits, but there is a "Tot Spot" where 35 months and younger can play. We were all instructed to either take off our shoes or put on sanitation covers around our shoes to enter the tot zone. This was good for me because upon arriving the museum I managed to get a stick lodged into my left foot, so there was a bubble of blood on my foot, gross. There was a slide, which Tristan absolutely loved going up and down. His little knees were so red from frogging his way up the slide, managing to defeat gravity. I think he felt accomplished. It was clear the 35 month old rule wasn't in place, as there were several 4-5 yr olds running around in there. Tristan enjoys all the toy cars, colored balls and walking through an uneven walkway which made several toddlers fall. My mother and I took Tristan around the entire museum via stroller and there were so many different interesting, fun exhibits all the children seemed to be having fun with. I think in a year he'll be able to enjoy more of the Children's Museum, but for now he'll just have to spend hours in the Tot Spot.

My mother and I went to Mardi Gras (restaurant) to get ceviche and oysters. Too bad, they were out of both.

I woke up at 4:03am today  to visit Houston's monk psychic, Cau Chin (finally saw him around 11:30am). It was interesting. More just of the fact that I finally got to experience a reading from him. Everyone got a number, up until 60. There's a sign saying he takes 60 people a day, but ends up taking a lot more because he feels a lot of people need healing. Apparently 65 people were in line yesterday, Saturday, at 5am, but he ended up taking over 200 people. He's quite bizarre. He counted a lot of money in front of me, answered calls and went at Bryce more than telling me things like which parent I looked like, how many siblings I had and what my favorite colors are. He says I need to talk less so my stomach will stop hurting and I'll sleep better at night. Oh, that I should be a humanitarian. Not to mention, he told me I was "on a different level than most people" so that's why he talks to me differently. Sweet.


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