Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 1-- Unemployed

In a nutshell, I was extremely unhappy with my job (receptionist at a great salon and spa) and my boss made it the perfect situation for me to quit today. Luckily for me my mother told me a bit ago she'd help me out since she knew how unhappy I was daily. ANYWHO--

Today is day one of being unemployed! I haven't had more than a week-ish off in 3 years! I'm taking this opportunity to make sure I blog daily! I have a vacation to the Windy City the beginning of April, so that gives me 7 weeks of unemployment and daily blogging. Light at the end of the tunnel.

This morning was obviously a shitty one. When I got home and went through the pouring of incoming texts and facebook messages my day started to look up! "Crunched numbers" and discovered that I have all my money I'd planned on having for Chicago. Sweet. Then before noon I already was given the opportunity to meet with someone tomorrow (or Monday) to talk about a new job! I can't help but think, "PERFECT TIMING!" Posi-thinking! I think this potential job would be perfect for me.

After many conversations with my mother, I finally started to charge up my Blackberry's battery then ate pizza with Bryce and watched Season 2 of Kimora Lee Simon's failed show. Guilty pleasures.

2 o'clock rolled around so we took the boys, Milton and Andrew, to Levy Bark Park in Upper Kirby. What a lame dog park!!!! Milton was harassed by by several dogs, especially this little rascal who I suppose thought Milton was his bitch. After deciding that the park was lame and unshaded (and the only humans without cold beers in their hands), we went to get rootbeers and landed our way back home.

Bryce hurt his tailbone last night, so we're lounging in our fluffy, soft bed (yes, opposed to our firm bed....). It's nice. We have the backdoor open with the blinds open, which acts as a wall to our bedroom, Drew is outside enjoying the weather. It's calm. I'm happy.

We're going to The Original Ninfa's tonight for fajitas and flan. I'm so excited... I'm so excited... I'm so.... SCARED! Name that TV show. ;)

Listening to Belle & Sebastian, itunes is playing "Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying". I feel like, "I got away".

Happily living and breathing.


  1. Good luck with the job hunt, bb! I'm definitely looking forward to your blogging!

  2. THANKS, Dani!!! I'm confident I'll find a job soon. I'm enjoying at least a week of leisure I hope! ;)