Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 2-- A Sunday In The Life...

I woke up fairly early today, 7:03am, to be precise. Ha. I sat in a bath while replying to messages and reading some news on my Blackberry. A client (my favorite) of the salon phoned me and really made my morning. I talked to him for about 20 minutes then hit up YouTube and caught up on my subscriptions. SHAYTARDS and various beauty gurus. I hopped back in bed with Bryce then we cuddled to sleep. So, we officially woke up and did our separate internetty things and talked about what dreams we had. He had a Batman dream and I had a work nightmare, haha.

Ate. Watched 30 Rock. Bryce and I took a nice, relaxing walk with Milton and Andrew. Went with Kyle to Blockbuster to rent movies. Monsters, Unstoppable.

Bryce and I made a quick stop at Kroger.

We went to Kyle and Karina's to watch the movies and eat pizza. Monsters was terrible. Don't watch. Just do not watch! It's a long dragged out "trek" that ends up turning into a romance. Let's just say the climax of the movie was a crazed, homeless woman "cack cack cack woof"ing.

Home now, tiiiired. My face is washed. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I have my first interview! ;)

I apologize to anyone who hates the "I did this, then this. I also did this, after that I did this" type of entry. It was just such a nice and relaxing day. Maybe I'll have exciting news or something tomorrow!

Goodnight, Moon.

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