Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 1-- pt. 2


I enjoyed an amaaaazing dinner at The Original Ninfa's (Drooool)! I got my Blackberry out (which was crazy all day to the point I had to charge twice and it's low again!!!) Anywhoozles, I had this very interesting e-mail from my ex-boss, who is also the owner of the salon and reason why I left after dealing with his unprofessionalism since November! So here's my "unprofessional" act now to give me entertainment with all this time I have until I have a new job. Here goes:


Your check will be mailed to you.  Your presence in the salon is not only discouraged but not permissible.  Really? I'm banned from the salon because I left when he told me to leave if I wanted to leave? You shouldn't say things you don't mean.(<-why won't this turn purple?)
You have shown that you lack not only decency but any credible appearance of professionalism by creating a scene in front of clients and walking out and leaving your co-workers in a unbelievably unpleasant situation. I'm 25 he's 40, so I'm going to guess his memory is lacking. When I came downstairs about to cry saying I was going to leave once the other receptionist got to the salon, he started yelling, "YOU CANNOT LEAVE" well, yes, I can. I offered to stay until your other receptionist showed up, but then continued to yell at me IN FRONT OF CLIENTS listing all the people I was letting down and how I was making it all about me. He started up the stairs and immediately stopped to raise his voice again, "Monica, if you want to leave, then leave!" I said "OK" and left. I lack professionalism? As an employee, I never spoke ill of other co-workers to any clients, accusing them of being pill poppers, drug addicts, drunks, fat, crazy, etc etc. The owner did, but receptionist did not. Patterns people, patterns. 
Your behavior after the fact shows you to be petty, immature, narcissistic and spiteful. What my ex-boss failed to realize was several ex-employees of his kept in contact with me and I remained friendly with them, so when I shared the same title of "ex-employee of Best Salon Owner in Town*" I wouldn't think twice about hiding the fact that I quit the place I've been saying I was unhappy at for months. I'm always vocal. I don't "internalize" as Best Salon Owner in Town* also accused me of. Along with this being my plan all along... blah blah blah. I had no reason to stay other than a sense of loyalty to him.
Do not use Salon Full of Talent Ran by a Manchild** as a reference As if I'd be dumb enough to have my possible future employer contact such a... what were the words he used to describe himsel-- um, I mean me? "petty, immature, narcissistic and spiteful."  

and do not enter the property for any reason.  If your address is different than the one we have on file you may call and give your new address to [now sole receptionist] at the salon. Sole receptionist being the receptionist he pitted against me today. And in the past by claiming I was worried about his pill use and about things not being good at home.  Oh, and claimed was firing and was out to sabotage and/or spitefully throw away retail product and create fake appointments to screw the salon. Delusional? Paranoid? Probably missed his "crazy pill."
Please do not respond to this email as it will automatically go to the junk folder. Best Salon Owner in Town*, I won't reply to the e-mail. Don't worry. I'm using it for my entertainment for my bloggy blog. And well, entertainment for the family and friends I fwd it to.

"Best Salon Owner in Town*"

*My new name for the most childish boss I've ever heard of.
**Ex-place of work.

So, since I wasn't sure if his last receptionist actually still wants to work there, and I obviously wasn't able to tell him, the person who is in charge of mailing me my paycheck, based on his decision not allowing me to just drive 3 minutes to pick it up, I had to call his partner to provide him with my address. The same partner who admits that my ex-employer does not listen to anyone except for his ex-boyfriend, who is a client at the salon. So if I wanted anything to get through to him I should have told that said client. Yes, now THAT would have been professional. It really amazes and amuses me how there are some people out there who spew out so much shit and when they're in a jam they blame the whole world and deny ever being a bad guy. Not to mention told my boyfriend to get out while he still could. HA. I'll miss my co-workers. It's an amazing salon in all ways but one, the owner.

I guess I'm done entertaining myself. Let's see what day 2 will bring! ;)


  1. You should show up and a cause a scene to the point where security has to eject you. Why? It's nice to at least be guilty of things you're accused of. Unless it's murder or something. Hahaha. You know what I mean!

  2. HAHA, I think I'll just let him accuse me of such things. Everyone (who knows him) knows that he was describing himself and I most certainly was a great receptionist.