Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: Clean & Clear morning burst facial scrub

Clean & Clear claims this product is good for daily use. Hmm... The first time I used it, a few weeks ago, I thought it was fun and worked decently. The beads sure did exfoliate my face and there was a sense of "waking up" and nice citrus. Bryce hated it from the get-go. He said the beads stuck into his beard and he was pretty frustrated by the product.

There is far too much exfoliation in this product for someone to use daily. I can't even imagine someone with extremely oily skin liking this. To compensate for the dry and flaky skin I was starting to get in my more sensitive areas of my face I had to use a heavier moisturizer.

The actual cleanser of this product doesn't seem to make my face "squeaky clean" like my normal products do. I honestly felt like I had a cheap anti-bacterial hand soap on my face with added granules and beads. I had 4 blemishes in the time I used the morning burst. Normally in this period of time I may have 1, if that.

The morning burst beads lost their 'fun' quickly. I noticed that beads would stick to the bathtub, so every time I'd get in for a bath I'd have previous used beads covering my ass and legs. Extreeeemely irritating and uncomfortable!

I will not be buying Clean & Clean's morning burst facial scrub again. I was really disappointed with the lackluster cleansing ability aside from rubbing off the first layer of my face. I got sick of the gimmicky burst beads after day 1. I wanted to give this product a fair test, but my Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and Daily Microfoliant are back out and in use.

There must be drugstore brand that does a great job!

PS I got at least 6 inches cut off my very long hair today. I'm sad my hair is gone. It's cute cut. It's all healthy now, but I won't cut it for a year! My next mission is to find the miracle hair grower. Bryce always used to want me to cut my hair, but now says it should be long. I have an average girl's hair cut now. I have the Rachel. :(


  1. Try taking prenatal vitamins. They will get your hair and nails growing like weeds ;)

  2. A couple people have suggested that. I should try it! Do you think pairing it with Biotin will have bad effects? I got biotin tonight.