Thursday, March 3, 2011

Second day of work

Had a great day at work. Felt more independent. That was a nice feeling. Being able to handle things on my own all on my second day.

After work  went to the Hobbit Cafe with Bryce, Jessica and her friend, Juan. Ate a Shire sandwich with NO mayo. Mayonnaise is puke-inducing! The sweet potato fries were tastier than normal, not sure why.

Went to an art show with several local artist showing pieces. Many mediocre, a handful pretty cool and a bigger handful of very shitty. I still can't get over the 5th grade looking art that was accompanied by frames. Someone thought the work was worthy of frames? Really? If I had photos of it, I'd share so you could share the perplexing situation. Juan's work was really nice. My taste: surreal.

I'm home and going to cuddle up with The Dark Side of Camelot.


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