Friday, April 8, 2011

Chicago Trip-- Day 2

I discovered the one thing I actually like about the hotel room.... the bath/shower. It's fairly big, for a short person, and the shower has a powerful stream which felt great on my back after a day of walking in platforms!

We ventured out fairly late, 1ish, and hit a few art galleries. Eh, so so. There were several to choose from. We didn't have much time because we'd planned on getting to the Museum of Contemporary Art by 2pm. For those of you who were as dumb as Bryce and I: if you try to get on the train and figure out it's going the wrong way, don't leave the station and try to get on the other side of the platform. In Chicago you have to wait 30 minutes to use your card after you've used it (at the same platform). Bryce claimed he knew that, but... whatever! So, we ended up hailing a cab and getting a $4.25 ride to the MCA. I asked the cabbie what people do in our situations. He told us next time ride the train to the next station then get off and get on the proper platform. Duh. How did we not think of that? It's probably because he was being MEAN and we were fighting most of the day.

ANYWAY, MCA was good! Quite impressed! I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did, because I rarely hear people saying "YOU MUST SEE!" I took a lot of photos, especially of the Jim Nutt exhibit, which Bryce was extremely excited to see since he'd just accidentally discovered him.

We hung out in the gift shop for awile, I got a book on street artists, Bryce got a couple criticism books. There were a lot of awesome things to buy, but I was careful not to be fooled into buying a library!

We went for a late lunch at Kamehachi and had deeeelicious sushi and udon. It was perfect since it was so chilly outside. The sushi chef was nice and explained how they were one of the last traditional Japanese restaurants around. It was slow during the time we were there, but I thought it was a good sign that there was a table of Japanese men and a few more tables were filled when we left.

We ventured to the Art Institute, after much bickering and Bryce being an ass. And we pretty much had to rush through the modern, which had a collection of really quirky and interesting photographs using sausage and at-home products and utensils. Then we went to look at water colors and finally the impressionists. I thought the collection was pretty impressive in comparison to Houston's current exhibit. Bryce disagrees. He always does. And he's always wrong.

Speaking of which, we caught a cab in the rain and went to the AMC theatre near our hotel and watched Insidious. Bryce and I disagree on the ending. He's wrong. :) The movie was fairly good. It definitely was scary and made me scream a couple times. The acting and dialogue was pretty subpar, borderline horrible which made it amusing. Wan used some classic horror movie themes which was pretty cool. Go see it, and tell me just the dad or the son and the dad!

We went to Emerald Loop again and shared the curry burger then went back to the hotel. I was dead asleep by 1am.

Today should be exciting........!

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