Monday, April 11, 2011

Chicago Trip-- Day 5


After Bryce and I woke up, he decided to climb the neighboring building and take pictures of our hotel room from the rooftop. That was his favorite adventure of the entire trip. He looked pretty cool doing it too. Even though it was hell waiting in the window for him, because it was 80 fucking degrees!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you, Sun.

For lunch we ate at Gino's East.... DERRICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! The best freaking pizza I've ever had. The pizza sauce was out of this world deliciousness. Completely worth the 45 minute wait!

Went shopping at the other, bigger, H&M today. Really didn't see anything I liked, except a camel colored dress that I bought yesterday but in teal. So, I got that. I stopped into a cute baby/children's store called "Kooky" and got Tristan a onesie that says something like "Stop Texting And Change Me" hahaha. Cute. In Victoria's Secret I got a couple Cubs tops and a sequined Cubs hat. I got Nicole some shorts, but White Sox, because they only had large left in the Cubs shorts. Anywhoozle...

We caught the bus for the Lincoln Park Zoo, just to get there and realize it was already closed. By this point I was already pissy pants and disgruntled about the whole day. I hated what I was wearing. My hair felt dirty. I felt dirty. It was hot and humid out. So we waited at the bus stop while a bag lady harassed us and ate and drank out of the trashcan.Of course, there were a billion annoying children on the bus to top that shit off.

When we got back to the hotel, we google map'ed crepe places nearby. We walk. They were closed. Then the near by pub was closed. Starbucks was closed. McDonald's was closed. It was so hot and gross out. I think I even at one point stopped and screamed. I was so grumpy!!!! We ended up stopping at Johnny fucking Rockets. Fake Chicago-style hot dog and a runny chocolate malt. Whatevz.

We napped for a second or two. Then went to Emerald Loop, which was SO hot inside and someone had ordered tuna fish or something, so the entire bar/restaurant stunk. While waiting for my hummus wrap to arrive, it began to smell of a public restroom in a train station in Tokyo, so we got our shit to go and left the shitty waitress a shitty tip. I'm in a shitty mood today.

When we got back to the hotel room I took a bath and thought about how little I rested and how much everything was go, go, go and very little relaxation. Tomorrow is our check-out, so we'll have to get our asses out and we have the Field Museum planned, which I'm looking forward to, however it's more walking, walking, walking. Then Tuesday is bright and early for work... Bleh.

I miss Milton.

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