Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Product Review: Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover

Almost 2 months ago I purchased a bunch of affordable beauty buys and Sonia Kashuk's eye makeup remover was one of them. It's been a product that beauty gurus tend to favor and  I understand why.

I got it at Target for $9.99. The remover claims that it's OK for contact-wearers and those with sensitive skin. The solution appears to be purple liquid on the bottom and white liquid floating on the top. The directions say to "gently shake bottle, then apply small amount to cotton pad. Wipe gently from the inside of the eye to the outer corner to remove regular and waterproof eye makeup. Rinse your eyes with cool water. Leaves a refreshing feeling." When you shake the solution it becomes a milky lilac color.

 I've not done the tip for the refreshing feeling, because after I've wiped my eyes with this solution, I've felt it's so light that I can't feel anything left behind. Typically, I'll wash my face like normal. Which is a double cleanse with facial cleanser. Then I will do three dabs of the remover on a cotton pad then remove my eye makeup. It gets all my eye makeup off with any irritation!

On the rare day I feel like just getting my eye makeup off without going through my whole face routine, it takes at least 2 cotton pads to remove all my eye makeup. Tonight, I wanted to take off my eye makeup before cleansing my face, and it took 3 pads since I was wearing heavy dark eyeshadow, liquid liner, and two coats of mascara. Even though 3 pads seem like a lot to use at one cleansing, it honestly doesn't take much product.

There was 4.75fl oz in the bottle. In 2 months, I still have slightly over half the bottle left. So, I'm quite pleased with the fact that it lasts long.

I'll definitely be purchasing this again and recommend everyone to try it!

Here's a peek at my nails this week! I had just the base color Charged Up Cherry by OPI on my ring fingers and turquoise & caicos by Essie on the rest of my nails. I fell asleep when they were wet. I woke up with ugly bed sheet imprints on every single nail, so I applied OPI's shatter polish and added a top coat. Which was actually a strengthener by OPI, Nail Envy. When I'm busy pecking away on my Blackberry I keep thinking how much my thumbs look like they have robin's eggs on them.

Good night!

PS Season 3 of The Tudors SUCKS!!!!!


  1. Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover is my absolute favorite!!! Great review. If I'm super lazy, I'll sometimes remove my facial makeup with this too before I cleanse. It leaves your skin really nice and smooth


  2. I did read about someone using SK remover for full face too! I may have once, lol. I'll have to try it soberly! ;)