Friday, April 8, 2011

Chicago Trip-- Day 3

It's only slightly past 11pm and I am TIRED!

Basically today consisted of the Shedd Aquarium and eating. We went to Lou Malnati's for lunch and boy did Bryce drop the ball! He ordered a pizza with MUSHROOMS, which we both detest (it took me 10 minutes to pick them out of the one slice I ate) and it had NO SAUCE, which is our favorite part!!!! Luckily, the waitress was so nice that she didn't charge us. The salad was really good. It was lettuce, bacon bits, diced tomatoes, black olives, Gorgonzola cheese and a sweet dressing. I'm not fond of sweet dressings, but Bryce love, love, loved it. So, that was good.

We walked our way to the aquarium  in the misting rain (btw, it started raining yesterday, boo!) and for nearly $60(for us both) it was quite disappointing. No penguins. No dolphins. One otter. And toooons 'o fish. It definitely was packed with a lot of life, in comparison to Moody Gardens in Houston, where things are a little more spread and it seems the tanks are larger for the animals. Maybe I'm mistaken. I thought I had read about awesome rides and some crap. GUUUUESS NOT!

Walked back to the train, ventured back to the hotel. We kind of relaxed for awhile and researched steakhouses around the area, because I was wanting a steak dinner! We booked 7:30pm reservations at Sullivan's which took less than 10 minutes to walk to. After our meal, we certainly weren't walking back. FOOD COMA! Bread, salad, oysters on a half shell, oysters rockefeller, steak (Thai scallops for Bryce), white cheddar au gratin potatoes AND cheesecake (banana foster's bread pudding with ice cream for Bryce) along with two cocktails each. Gaaah.... SO FUCKING DELICIOUS!!!! I figured out there's a Sullivan's in Houston, but oh well. It was worth it. We spent $220!!!! I think that's the most I've ever paid for my own dinner, haha. Tomorrow's Bryce's day to pay for food, and I'm feeeeling CHEAP. :)

We've been lounging in the bed letting our food babies digest and I've been uploading today's photos while he reads Breaking the Spell. Since I've already washed my face I think I may just go ahead and crash. OOOOR... pick at my leftover dinner and dessert... nyum nyum.... Hope it doesn't rain and/or mist tomorrow! Sh-sh-sh-shopping! :D

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