Monday, April 11, 2011

Chicago Trip-- Day 6

Hello, tired as hell!

The original plans of waking up early and heading to the Field Museum then heading for O'hare kind of went out of the window when Bryce and I woke up with only having got 15 minutes of decent sleep. I hate Hotel 71's air conditioning system!!!! Since it was hot out, the a/c seemed to keep at the same temperature. The back of my shirt was literally soaked since the room was so hot. Anywho, so we got our overstuffed bags, checked out and I was honest when they asked how my stay was. It was only ALRIGHT and I hate their air conditioning system. And the noise!

We went to Corner Cafe and ate breakfast. I had a yummy panini  with scrabbled eggs, tiny bacon bits, green onions and avocado. It was quite delicious. Bryce was in a piss-poor mood because he was sleep-deprived, stuck in a busy cafe, and had tons o' baggage. He was a bad boy. Didn't even take off his sunglasses and hat. Ha. We ate at a slow pace, then headed for the Blue Line CLARK/LAKE not STATE/LAKE (I hate googlemaps). We headed to O'hare like 6 hours early. We decided to see if we could catch an earlier flight and luckily we got tickets for the 5pm flight and the $50 fees were waived because our ticket counter lady said she knew that there would be a delay since all the flights were delayed. None of the Houston flights were delayed, but hey... not going to complain. So we went through security, and I managed to beat the system and didn't have to go through the TSA scanner. I walked through the metal detector with all these flight attendants and pilots I let cut ahead of me in line. More like they just said it'd be easier if they all went ahead of me... whatever logic that is.

We went to gate B22, the last gate... waited there for about 2 hours. I went to the ladies room, and walked slowly back to Bryce. He's waving at me to "come here" and he shows me our boarding pass. We're supposed to be at gate B2, we're in aisle 22! So LITERALLY, we're on one end of the airport, and we speed-walk/jog to B2! I kept thinking, "we can tell people we're on The Amazing Race so they'll stay out of our way" we made it to the gate right after 4:30pm, and just had called "aisles 25 and higher" one minute later, we're boarding. Phew!

Slept part of the flight. It's good to be home. I'm not excited about going back to work, but Monica's got to replenish her bank account!

Blurry ass photo of a lamer downtown than Chicago's:

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