Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chicago Trip-- Day 4

Another day that can be summed up simply: eat, shop, shop, shop eat!

Firstly, I went to Akira, shoe store, that I had seen days before. I got 2 pairs of shoes! One pair which are really cute and interesting by Irregular Choice. The other were Betsey Johnson nude platform pumps with a sexy lace up the back on the heel. Then, we spent over 2 hours at h&m. Fack, should have realized a Saturday would be packed! Got myself 4 belts, 2 tops, a skirt, a dress, a cardigan and Nicole 2 pairs of jeans and a cute top. I still want to check out the other h&m which is the location with many reviews, so I'm hoping it's even grander. I want more!!!! Haha.

Bryce and I then went to Elephant and Castle to grab a bite and drink, nachos and Strongbow. We stopped by American Apparel to find a decent blazer for Bryce, no such luck. And wow... their clothes are uglier than ever right now!

We stopped in Puma and Anthropologie before our actual shopping. I'm actually extremely pleased I didn't find anything I wanted there!

We stopped by 7-11 to get ice cream. I wasn't into mine so Bryce ate at both of ours and has had a tummyache for over 2 hours now. Poor Babizzle Cream.

I ordered a salmon loin from room service because I was craving something savory. Meeeh... I can't help but feel I wasted money. Oh well. C'est la vie.

There was no rain today, and it actually was cool with strong sunlight. I even got a sunburn on the part in my hair! Ha.

I hope there's no rain tomorrow... Zoo and more shopping!

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