Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does lower case "t" icon mean tumblr?

Lately I'm itching for a new phone. I've had my Blackberry Curve 8900 for awhile now. I just updated all my little apps and whatnot, but I want the cuter white Storm. Or maybe it's the Bold? In any case, I want cute! But I'm also thinking, maybe I actually care about the technology behind my phone... dun dun DUN! I had to text Eric to find out what 3g and 4g meant. Ha. That's how technologically I'm lacking. Perhaps I'll ponder for a MONTH and then make a decision. I think that's a smart idea. Indeed.

Life's pretty good. Although I'm starting to feel like I may come down with a deathly tonsil illness, life still remains good. I'm still happy with work. I'm excited to be taking over as sole manager soon. I'm excited for addition staff, a couple or so whom I've worked with at my old salon. Also excited over getting Bumble and bumble. Excited for the new salon that started construction last week! (Blowout bar salon my boss is opening up in June). Things are just going great.

I have a reviews that I swear I'll get done by the end of this month... make-up remover, foundation, vitamins, and hair products!

I'm going to hop in bed with The Darkside of Camelot. Maybe I'll finish that book one day. Infact! I'm going to be sure to finish it by.... May 18th! Random date that sounds nice in my head.

Good read and good night!

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